Over the past few months, webapp.io has been working on exciting new features for all of you! It's time we loop you in on the insider newsπŸ‘€ The team is beyond excited to share the latest updates with you.. Let us kick off 2022 the webapp.io way:

New to webapp.io

  • Introducing our status badge editor, which allows edits to be made so the user can filter runners by regex or limit the number of runner statuses shown. Webp.net-resizeimage--1-
  • New settings tab in the PR template builder that allows you to use pull request comment (instead of the pull request description) for PR templates.ezgif.com-gif-maker--4-

Improved user experiences

  • Improved the Cypress plugin experience, giving you the access to link cypress results directly in your PR.
  • Revamped the page performance and per page performance widgets.inbound--14---1-
  • Improved cacher resulting in an increase in performance times.
  • Stability improvements to notifier service.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various bugs with members settings, allowing users to create their own roles.
  • Fixed site performance widget.
  • Fixed API to make sure it does not run out of connections.
  • Fixed stability problems with staging runner saveAndExit.