Reading Time • 1 min read Launch Week Day 2: Drag-and-drop Pull Request Builder for GitHub Launch Week Day 2: Drag-and-drop Pull Request Builder for GitHub

A Github pull request template builder customized just for you? Who would've thought! Day 2 of our Launch Week focuses on making your life effortless, with Github.

We've heard for a long time that our users want a better interface within GitHub than the traditional "checks" at the bottom of the page. So we created the World's first Pull Request Builder.

Our Pull Request Builder allows you to build out a custom review workflow directly into your pull request. You can create multiple templates for different review needs. Help your team get all the information they need to review full-stack changes to their webapps.

Mockup screenshot of's drag-and-drop feature

An ideal pull request workflow template can look something like this screenshot below: this pull request template include your build statuses, interactive elements like checklists, and a link to your full stack preview environment.

Screenshot of a finished PR template

What's even more useful - after creating your configuration, every subsequent pull request will be annotated with the relevant information.

A new onboarding experience and where to access

We've also pushed an improved onboarding experience for new users, that walks you through setting up your first pull request, and configuring it from there.

Ready to get started? Sign up and visit the Pull Request Builder tab in the navigation bar to the left.

Last Updated • Nov 23, 2021