Reading Time • 1 min read Launch Week Day 3: Debug docker containers directly from your PRs Launch Week Day 3: Debug docker containers directly from your PRs

Docker and Docker Compose are used by a lot of you, so on Day 3 we decided to spice things up a bit. Use our Pull Request Builder for's Docker plugin!

Continuing on the theme of our Pull Request Builder from yesterday's launch, we're helping teams using Docker and Docker Compose more quickly understand when things are wrong with backend components.

Usually, if an e2e test fails due to a backend problem, it takes 5-10 steps before realizing that a container has crashed.

With our Docker integration, you can see directly in the pull request whether a container has crashed and caused tests to fail.

Screenshot of the Docker integration in the PR builder

Additionally, clicking the dashboard icon leads to a detailed view of the containers that ran within your pipeline, allowing you to easily view logs and debug problems.

Screenshot of the Docker container logs, allowing you to debug with a single click

Best of all, the plugin is entirely open source! We're happy to listen to our users as we improve the plugin and add additional functionality to it.

Currently, the Pull Request Builder and the Docker Plugin are only available for GitHub users, but we'll be porting them to our other supported platforms (GitLab and BitBucket) soon.

Last Updated • Nov 24, 2021