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Get automatic, up to date environments at your fingertips. Instead of re‑provisioning an environment from scratch every time, re‑uses snapshots of previous builds to set up a new copy of the backend, frontend, and database in seconds.

Test automatically uses intuitive infrastructure as code configuration files designed to reduce human error. The average Docker user already knows 95% of syntax out of the box.

Ship anywhere

Deliver new features to any cloud provider and created customized workflows by pairing with your favorite technologies. Whether you change your stack today or a year from now, it's easy to create your perfect workflow.

Extensible features for custom workflows

The technology powering

How works

The simplicity - builds ephemeral staging environments through the creation of configuration files called Layerfiles that live in GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket. Inspired by Docker’s dockerfiles, allows developers without DevOps experience to test and share their code easily.

The performance - the simplicity in configuration design coupled lambda-like technology to allow for endless customizable workflows.

The speed - caching is performant due to custom built hypervisors that allow developers to cleverly avoid mundane installations like “npm install” hundreds of thousands of times per day.

The extensibility - was designed to fit your workflow. Whether you’re a team of 2 or 200, your technology stack will change overtime. Instead of being tied down by a particular stack, you can pair with thousands of developer products without vendor lock-in.

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