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Benefits of Preview Environments

1. Accelerate Software Development Lifecycle

Skip the process of fetching, deploying, and testing a branch locally.

2. Review Changes Visually

Add a visual environment that reflects the state of your application with the code changes.

3. Share your Work with Non-Technical Collaborators

Get a URL to share with product designers, managers, or any non-technical individual on your team.

4. Run Visual Tests

Run cypress or other visual tests against your preview environment.

5. Merge CI/CD

Merge CI/CD with ephemeral environments and form a unified CI/CD and review process for every commit

6. Deploy the Image

Deploy the webserver image to production, knowing what to expect from your new code changes.

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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

1. Define your Build Steps

Create a Layerfile (a step of instructions that tell us how to build your application).

2. Make a Code Change & Push

Make a change to your code, commit, and push your changes.

3. View your Preview Environment

Click on the screenshot in your Pull Request, or head over to the webapp.io dashboard to navigate to your preview environment.

Cost of Building

If you're thinking of building, consider the following ...


6-12 months of engineering time in your own cloud provider.


Cost of a dedicated team or person to maintain your infrastructure.


Micromanagement of tasks for starting/stoping environments.

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