Reading Time • 1 min read Launch Week Day 5: View test results directly from your pull requests Launch Week Day 5: View test results directly from your pull requests

It's officially Day 5 of our Launch Week journey! If you think we'd only release two plugins, you're in for a surprise. Allow us to share this...

Today's the last day of's Launch Week 2021. We're launching the Test Results plugin, that provides diagnostic information for failing tests.

This feature is officially enabled for all of our users - it was one of the more difficult plugins to put together to make sure it provided information that actually provides value on a day to day basis. It could have been really easy to provide an overload of test information. After interviewing customers that interact with modern frameworks like Jest, we decided that detailed reports would only appear for failed tests that need attention. The goal was t0 save hours of engineering team's time and turn a mundane, ten step process into a single-click.

Here's what it looks like within the pull request view. Now, you can view failing tests on a summary level like this:

Screenshot of the Test Results plugin in action

Detailed diagnostic information appears as such if there are test failures:

Screenshot of a detailed analysis of a failed test in Test Results plugin. 

Just like our other plugins, this one is also open source.

Currently, the Pull Request Builder, the Docker Plugin, the Cypress Plugin and the Tests Results Plugin are only available for GitHub users, but we'll be porting them to our other supported platforms (GitLab and BitBucket) soon.

Last Updated • Nov 26, 2021