About us

As a technology organization, we value our team and our customers deeply. We approach the world thoughtfully through our mission, work philosophy, and our principles that aim to empower every team member.

The Mission

webapp.io’s mission is to help technology forward businesses disrupt their industries.

Our mission is core to our product and the way we partner with our clients and our integration ecosystem. We serve fast moving, world-changing companies that deserve and expect the highest level of technical expertise.

Technology moves at the speed of light and we are excited to support this wave of disruptive and innovative organizations.

Our Story

webapp.io was born out of a CTO’s love for technology and the people building it.

Colin Chartier has been a CTO and software developer for over a decade. The analogy he often uses to describe the impact of software development is its similarity to building highways. A century ago, highways were invented and the construction of these high speed roads became instrumental to the way we powered the world for years - exploring new places, transporting valuables, and seeing the people you love. In the same way, the way the “highway of the internet” is still being built - creating software that unlocks human potential and unimaginable opportunities. We have only scratched the surfaced of how powerful software can be.

webapp.io was founded with a simple thesis: build a developer-focused platform that's as simple to use as Docker.

Remote Work

webapp.io will always be focused on building useful products that challenge the status quo and reinvent the way we work.

In order to do so, we are committed to building a culture around innovation and empathy. Our team is 100% remote to provide them with the flexibility to experience the world, with our headquarter in Toronto, Canada. Our organization values an “all-in” mentality when it comes to remote work. This means creating accessible team events, opening up channels of communication, and being open to change.

Our Culture

At webapp.io, we focus on three core values throughout the product, company, and team.

Be scalable - If we want to redefine DevOps and the developer experience entirely, we need to build solutions and teams that can effortlessly grow. Automate what you can and think beyond day zero. Think about the longevity of the problems and respective solutions you will create.

Be approachable - The product should be intuitive, your teammates should be helpful, and customer support should always be friendly. Learning and experiencing new things can be intimidating, and it is important to us that both clients and team members are given positive experiences from start to finish.

Be dependable - Our users should think about their products, not our product. With a foundation of trust in place internally and externally, it ensures that teammates at webapp.io are able to depend on each other.

See our career page for upcoming openings.

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