Secrets management at scale + demo with Doppler and
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Secrets management at scale + demo with Doppler and
Secrets management at scale + demo with Doppler and

Hello and welcome to another episode of (formerly LayerCI) engineering talks.

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Watch the full session below on-demand:

Jump to:

0:00 Intro

0:08 DevSecOps shift left movement

1:00 Importance of secrets management + risk mitigation

4:10 Live Demo of Doppler begins (adding a CI/CD secret)

7:16 Live Demo of LayerCI with Doppler begins (making a change in the test file)

9:16 Q&A: Can we share secrets between developers as well?

9:53 Q&A: How does Doppler compare to EV files?

10:56 Q&A: How are secrets stored in Doppler? Is it stored with Doppler or is it stored with AWS Secrets Management etc?

12:16 Q&A: Is it possible to have a Doppler organization owner that does not have CLI access to certain projects or environments?

12:58 Q&A: Are there any rate limits on Doppler? We used to face issues with AWS Secrets Manager which had 50 reads per second

13:55 Q&A: Does Doppler work with every language? 15:00 Q&A: What's next for Doppler?

15:54 Q&A: Does Doppler console have something like RBAC?

18:00 Q&A: Does Doppler support enterprise auth mechanisms? (okta etc.)

18:31 Q&A: I saw that pricing is done per seat. If I join and enable SAML with our g suite for the whole organization, how does this work with number of seats?

About this event: Want to learn the fundamentals and benefits of Secrets Management in engineering organizations? Join Doppler and LayerCI for a workshop to learn more. Presented by Brian Vallelunga

About Brian: Brian Vallelunga  is the CEO of Doppler, technical advisor to Soma Capital, and previously worked at Uber as a Lead Software Engineer. He's an advocate for security, developer experience and is backed by the best engineers in the industry (inc. leaders at Stripe, GitHub, Twitch and Heroku).

Topics covered:

1. What is the current state of DevSecOps

2. Why does secrets management matter?

3. Universal Secrets Management workflow demo with Doppler and LayerCI

4. Q&A period

To learn more:

1. Try LayerCI for GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab for free:

2. Try Doppler for free: Doppler

3. Check out the Doppler Integration docs here

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Last Updated • May 28, 2021