webapp.io product update – May 2021
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webapp.io product update – May 2021
webapp.io product update – May 2021

Our team is always working hard to make the webapp.io experience better for our users. Here are some of the changes that we made in the month of May 2021:

New to LayerCI

  • Ability to resize terminals.
  • Automatically issue DNS certificates for auto-wildcarding.
  • Add DEPLOYMENT_HOST as a value inside of BUILD ENV: If a deployment exists for the run, DEPLOYMENT_HOST will tell a webserver where it is being hosted.
  • Link jobs to pull requests, even if they are caused by regular commit pushes: LAYERCI_PULL_REQUEST inside of BUILD ENV will exist if a pull request is open when the commit is pushed.
  • Add a link to commit if repoUrl exists in the database: clicking on the branch name will now take you to Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket as applicable.
GIF depicting that by clicking the branch name, the user is directed to the associated git repo

Improved user experiences

  • ‘Connect to staging’ flow: now when re-running a Layerfile to spin up a staging environment from the staging server error page, it automatically connects to the staging terminal and brings up a loading spinner while it connects.
Screenshot of the loading spinner now depicted when re-running a Layerfile
  • Add sign in option on error page when not logged into an organization “no such organization”
Screenshot of sign in page when not logged into an organization
  • Missing secret notification message.
  • Allow RUN BACKGROUND instructions to print to runner view - users can now see logs for RUN BACKGROUND instructions from loaded snapshots.
  • Update deployment documentation to provide a step-by-step explanation of setup and additional information on subdomains within deployments.
  • Miscellaneous performance fixes (snapshot retention, deployment logic, stability).
  • Bitbucket fixes.
  • Landing page fixes.

Events during May

  • LayerCI code review automation: Want to learn how to effectively use LayerCI to streamline your team's code reviews? Learn more and see a demo in the video below:
  • Doppler + webapp.io secret management at scale: Want to learn the fundamentals and benefits of Secrets Management in engineering organizations? Learn about this and how to use Doppler with your webapp.io pipeline in the video below:

Last Updated • Jun 07, 2021