Hello and welcome to another episode of webapp.io (formerly LayerCI) engineering talks.

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Jump to:  

2:10 for speaker intros what they're each building  

5:50 for Topic 1 Technical debt discussion  

22:42 for Topic 2 What is a good developer - hiring, what to look for  

51:18 question from audience: What are the key qualities of a software team lead?

57:59 question from audience: How do you determine product vision?

1:02 for Topic 3 final thoughts on being a good engineering leader

About this event: This engineering meetup was all about being a “good developer” specific to the type of engineering organization you’re contributing to (startups, growth stage, enterprise). We got to hear from the following people:

1. Ahmad Nassri - Co-founder of Cor.dev, a software development company and ex-CTO of npm

2. Kyle Campbell - CEO and founder of CTO.ai, a serverless, low code DevOps platform made to be "easy to use like Heroku, powerful like Kubernetes"

3. Sanket Saurav - Co-founder of DeepSource, a static analysis platform for developers

4. Colin Chartier - CEO and co-founder of webapp.io, a DevOps platform that creates cloud-based staging servers that act like and replace CI

Topics covered:

1. Technical debt - what are some common mistakes developer teams make at each level of development? (startups, growth stage, enterprise)

2. Hiring great developers - where do you hire, who do you hire? How do you retain good engineers? How do you know someone's ready to be a software team lead?

3. Being a good engineering leader, some key takeaways.