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DevOps 101: How to set up E2E testing, on YouTube

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0:00 Intro the presenters  

0:50 DevOps: what is it?  

2:11 When as a startup should you care about DevOps?  

3:55 Common pitfalls

5:18 DevOps Implementation Timeline

8:20 Start of End to end testing demo with and  

22:10 Q&A period starts

22:15 Q1: what's the difference between and other CI alternatives such as GitHub actions and CircleCI?

25:17 Q2: Does this ( replace unit tests?

28:42 Q3: How long does this environment stay up and is it overwritten by the next pipeline run?

30:34 Q4: Does this ( work with Kubernetes as well?

32:08 Q5: How do your customers bake Reflect tests into their CI in a microservice architecture?

About this event: Colin Chartier (CEO and cofounder of and Todd McNeal (Co-founder of join forces to share more about what they've learned about DevOps in their over 25 combined years of experiences as developers and engineering leaders.  

Topics covered:  

1. What is DevOps?  

2. When should you care about DevOps? Common pitfalls?

3. End to End testing  product demo with and

4. Q&A period  

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