This is a post from our #RemoteLife series, where the team interviews tech employees and founders in various roles. This is a resource to share productivity tips and challenges of their roles during this adjustment period.

This interview features Sudeep Reddy Eleti, a Cloud Engineer from Loopio who is currently working from home on May 15, 2020.

What is your work stack like?

What did your work day look like yesterday?

I started my day off with standups. I then began reviewing some pull requests from the previous day. We then had a Kanban planning meeting. Our team has no fixed sprints but we like to decide on what we’ll work on for the following week. After that, I was working on tickets in my backlog.

How do you like to take breaks?

Outside of work I try to take a walk to clear the mind. I really love solo walks, it’s a really great way to clear the mind after a long day.

How do you work remotely with your team?

Loopio had an awesome in-office environment before the pandemic. I used to go to the office everyday and now it’s been a complete 180 degree transformation for us since everyone is remote. In terms of everyday work, it remains the same.

When we were in a physical office, we used to have less meetings because lots of in-person interaction to align. We work remotely using Slack more than before and by trying our best to avoid having more meetings. We use Zoom for 1:1s and for standup meetings.

Have you worked remotely before?

I have worked remotely before COVID at different companies. However, this work from home situation has been completely different because of the pandemic.

As a Cloud Engineer, what are the challenges of working remotely? Any advice for others?

For me, the greatest challenge of adapting to remote work is learning how to be an effective communicator. It’s tough!

My advice is to learn from others by reading blog posts (like this one) and asking others.

Would you want to work remotely in the future? Why or why not?

Yes for sure, due to the flexibility it brings. My personal perspective is that distributed and remote work is going to become mainstream.