webapp.io and Coveralls code coverage demonstration and discussion
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Code coverage 101 + demo with Coveralls and webapp.io
Code coverage 101 + demo with Coveralls and webapp.io

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Code coverage best practices: Coveralls tutorial + webapp.io YouTube video

Jump to:

0:00 Intro

1:16 James's contact information

1:41 Code coverage definition and types of code coverage

2:35 Suggested code coverage timeline for startups

4:45 How code coverage software works with CI

7:12 Build vs buy for code coverage software

8:51 Most watched/active projects and their Coveralls coverage

9:15 Some corporate and open-source Coveralls users

9:54: Live demo of Coveralls + webapp.io begins

About this event: What is Code Coverage and why is it important in the software delivery lifecycle? Join webapp.io and Coveralls for a technical workshop to learn more. Presented by James Kessler.

About James: James Kessler is the CTO of American Field and contributor to Coveralls. At Coveralls, he provides engineering support for new users and can be reached at [email protected] for further questions and assistance.

About Coveralls: Coveralls is one of the most widely used test coverage services. Established in 2011, their mission is to provide a free test coverage service to the open source software community.

Topics covered:

1. What is code coverage

2. Code coverage timeline

3. How code coverage software works with CI

4. Code coverage demo with Coveralls and webapp.io

To learn more:

1. Try webapp.io for GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab for free

2. Try Coveralls for free

3. Check out the Coveralls Integration docs

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Last Updated • Jul 14, 2021