webapp.io's Free 2 hour DevOps Engineering Course with FreeCodeCamp
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webapp.io's Free 2 hour DevOps Engineering Course with FreeCodeCamp
webapp.io's Free 2 hour DevOps Engineering Course with FreeCodeCamp

Why we made this course

DevOps education has always been core to what we do here at webapp.io - making it easier for software developers and product stakeholders to master complex things without too much work. When DevOps first became popular and integral to a the software development lifecycle, it became instantly expensive on the infrastructure side as well as the educational side. DevOps became only accessible to a small portion of the development workforce. We're not an advocate for zero DevOps, since many full stack applications that power great businesses cannot go without integral steps in their workflows. But we are an advocate for easier DevOps, and a greater understanding of what DevOps engineering means.

Partnering with FreeCodeCamp

We're so pleased to have partnered with the great team at FreeCodeCamp.org. After many meetings, phone calls, and over 100+ hours of course development, we've launched our first educational partnership earlier this week to make DevOps concepts more accessible.

Since our course launch earlier this week, the FreeCodeCamp team informed us with excitement that this course is their #1 most popular course in the past 10 courses with over 75,000 views in 4 days.

The ad revenue received on FreeCodeCamp's Youtube helps them launch more wonderful courses as an organization, so we recommend checking out their Youtube channel as well as the original uploaded video below:

Who this is for

For software developers, DevOps practitioners and curious individuals who want to understand the fundamentals of DevOps Engineering with concrete programming examples, diagrams and webapp.io setup tutorials.

How to get started

Our course syllabus with readings

This course often references the MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS) technology stack.

Unit 1: Code Review Automation

Unit 2: Deployment Strategies (Lesson 7-11)

Unit 3: Application Performance Management (Lesson 12-13)

Course support

Free developer tools mentioned

Most of the developer tools and DevOps products we mentioned in the FreeCodeCamp course have free plans or open source options to try.

Free git repository hosting platforms

Free continuous integration platforms

Free ephemeral environment platforms

Free continuous deployment products

Free code coverage platforms

Free end to end testing platforms

Free linting platforms

Free cloud hosting platforms

Free DNS and service discovery resources

Free application monitoring and error tracking software

Free alert management platforms

Free container management platforms

Free rolling deployment services

Free autoscaling technologies

Free log aggregation platforms

Free production metric platforms

Paid developer products

Other free developer resources

Last Updated • Jun 18, 2021