GitHub + Pull Request Automation Demo
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GitHub + Pull Request Automation Demo
GitHub + Pull Request Automation Demo

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0:00 Intro

0:06 Agenda

0:23 3 DevOps Engineering Pillars

1:16 Developer Experience (DX) when it comes to pull requests

1:54 Live Demo begins

3:17 Before state: propose a color change to webapp

4:10 Why pull request automation is a gamechanger

5:18 Installing on GitHub for the first time

6:45 Writing test cases for Cypress

8:19 Launching base Layerfile for CI

9:25 Layerfile #2 for ephemeral environments that product URL links

10:00 Layerfile #3 for Cypress tests automation

10:39 Layerfile #4 for deployment to production

14:11 Setting up API key in secrets management

17:47 After state: changing color of web app example

18:30 Pull request automation completed workflow

21:45 Audience Question: "Can you give tips on seeding database on staging environments?"

About this event: Code reviews taking way longer than they should? Come explore modern workflows that can help eliminate bottlenecks.

This live demo walks you through how to use effectively to follow code reviews best practices using a full stack livechat example that you can fork here:

Technology stack: This repository contains a slack clone made with React, PostgreSQL, Go, and Docker Compose

You'll learn how to:

  1. Set up the app in your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket workflow
  2. Automatically trigger per pull request preview environments for code reviews with preview
  3. Leverage for deploying to production

To learn more:

  1. Fork the full stack example here:
  2. Read docs:
  3. Try for GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab here:
  4. Watch other product tutorials:
  5. Learn more about DevOps in our Academy posts:
Last Updated • May 21, 2021