webapp.io product update – August 2021
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webapp.io product update – August 2021
webapp.io product update – August 2021

Welcome to the webapp.io product update for August 2021. Here are this month's exciting updates as we continue to prioritize user experiences:

New to webapp.io

  • From LayerCI to webapp.io rebrand and here’s why.
  • Generally unattainable new pull request Github experience:
  1. Terminal access
  2. View website button
  3. Preview screenshot
Screenshot of new webapp.io Github pull request view

Improved user experiences

  • Users now have access to easily searchable documentation.
Screenshot of the webapp.io documentation page
  • With this rebrand we have:
  1. Redesigned the pages for login and sign up.
  2. Matched colour themes in the app with the landing page.
  • Increased staging server timeout to 15 minutes.
  • Improved page load speed.
  • Sped up logs page by making sure it does not render docs unnecessarily.
  • Improved backend for better logs.
  • Revamped pr annotation with failing runner logs.
  • Improved CI performance by starting postgres & redis first.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dashboard url making logs uncaptured for skipped instructions.
  • Fixed url format and added retry for screenshot.
  • Fixed bugs related to webapp.io rename and branding.
  • Fixed bug where runs could be "Pending..." when done.
Last Updated • Sep 09, 2021