LayerCI has rebranded to
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LayerCI has rebranded to
LayerCI has rebranded to has moved to with no functionality changes. It's purely a rebrand.

Why did we change domains?

When LayerCI launched in 2019, we were using memory snapshots to improve repetitive setup steps for simple CI tasks like unit tests.

Since then, we've really found our niche with developers of full-stack web applications. Our EXPOSE WEBSITE directive (launched in 2020) revolutionized full-stack preview environments, our new per-commit review dashboard launched last month is moving us even further in that direction.

Our users often initially want to avoid migrating their existing CI process (like building artifacts and running unit tests), and use our platform concurrently for more complicated tasks like preview environments or end-to-end testing. The LayerCI branding made it unclear that we could easily sit alongside an existing process, without a migration being needed. We will continue to prioritize these "simple" CI tasks for developers of websites and webapps as a core part of the product like we always have.

What will change for me?

As mentioned above, this is purely a branding change. Our goal is still to make the best code review experience for full-stack webapps, and your configuration files will still be called "Layerfile"

If you notice any references to Layer, LayerCI or (our old branding) - feel free to reach out. It is difficult to catch every reference to our old brand.

We look forward to building even more delightful features under the new unified brand and we thank all of our users that have followed us this far!

Last Updated • Aug 01, 2021