webapp.io product update – June 2021
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webapp.io product update – June 2021
webapp.io product update – June 2021

Welcome to the webapp.io product update for June. Here are the changes that we made last month:

New to webapp.io

Per-commit review dashboard: A page for each deployment is created every time new code is pushed to help you review and debug proposed changes faster

  • The per-commit review dashboard is accessible in two ways:
  1. Navigate to the menu on the left from the organization dashboard.
  2. While on the ‘Recent Commits’ page, click an individual Layerfile. In the dropdown menu that appears, click ‘VISIT DEPLOYMENT DASHBOARD’.
  • A screenshot of the deployment is visible at the top left corner of each page:
  • Each Layerfile starts an independent virtual machine, with the ability to interact with it via the terminal.
  • Ability to view the built files in the runner itself using the file browser (pictured in screenshot above, on the left).
  • Ability to view the website in the Layerfile.


Improved user experiences

Slack: now team members and managers can quickly and easily see what their team is building via Slack.

Users can subscribe to a repository in a channel by entering `/LayerCI subscribe [repository owner]/[repository name]` in a public Slack channel of your choice.


  • Self-serve Stripe billing: ability to change payment method and opt-in to monthly receipts, by navigating to the billing page within the settings menu.
  • Addition of more case studies to our footer (Pulley, Fellow, Welcome, Vitau, and BioBox).
  • Home page improvements.
  • General performance fixes (improvements to our proxy so that pages load faster when clicking ‘VIEW WEBSITE’).
  • Deployment specific performance improvements (old files can be rebuilt and recreated with a single click, progress bar to indicate rebuild status).

Events that happened during June

  • freeCodeCamp.org “DevOps Engineering Course for Beginners” release: Want a comprehensive overview of DevOps tools and methodology, taught by webapp.io's CEO, Colin Chartier? Learn more and find the entire course here:
FreeCodeCamp DevOps Engineering Course
  • June 29th: Technical Workshop: Code Coverage Best Practices with James Kessler from Coveralls: Want to learn how to optimize your team’s code coverage with your webapp.io pipelines? Check out Coveralls’ CI setup documentation.

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