What is webapp.io?

webapp.io is a venture-backed, cloud-based CI/CD platform that provides an on-demand, full stack demo environment for every developer change. The first iteration of the core technology was created by CEO and co-founder, Colin Chartier, who was first motivated to pursue it after working as the Chief Technology Officer of a multimillion dollar SaaS company.

Former CTO of npm Joins webapp.io

Ahmad Nassri, the former CTO of npm (recently acquired by GitHub/Microsoft) and founder of the Tech Masters Community has joined as a technical advisor to LayerCI, after learning more about their mission.

npm is a beloved package manager for the Javascript programming language. Since 2009, the company's software has been the home to over 1.3 Million packages with over 75 Billion downloads a month.

During Ahmad's time at npm, he "took over the critical mission of ensuring the Open Source JavaScript registry remains stable, reliable and sustainable for the millions of developers who rely on it everyday to do their jobs".

Beyond his impressive experiences leading development teams at world-class companies, he serves as a board member of a number of not-for-profit organizations that focus on advocating for software developers, and underrepresented communities. (most recently at VentureKids Canada, Full Stack Toronto)

Welcome to the family, Ahmad Nassri!