Q1/22 Launch Week Day 5: Webapp.io Academy
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Q1/22 Launch Week Day 5: Webapp.io Academy
Q1/22 Launch Week Day 5: Webapp.io Academy

On the final day of launch, we're excited to share the launch of Academy, a hub for software developers to learn about best practices on DevOps, software development, and more about webapp.io as a product.

Why we launched Academy

We want to lead the way in teaching more useful, well-researched content that can help with the day-to-day job of a software developer. We started a pilot program last year with FreeCodeCamp, where we taught our course "DevOps Engineering". The reception was incredible with over 300,000+ views and quickly climbed to becoming one of the most popular videos on the channel.

After some feedback, we decided to revamp the course to a style that was going to be most helpful in helping developers level up. We knew we needed to incorporate the following elements:

  • DIY opportunities: hands on experiments that are fun and engaging
  • Memory triggers: quizzes throughout the course that can summarize your learnings
  • Resume building: something you can put on your resume and/or Linkedin to signal to recruiters that you know your stuff
  • A network: a community you can continue to learn from and share insights with

We relaunched the course using Thinkific to include these elements, and have a growing Slack community of software developers people can join to continue growing their network.

A look into the DevOps Engineering course format

The future

We'll continue to make engaging technical and career-oriented content in video form in the coming months. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter.

How to sign up for our courses

You can head over to Academy to take the certification course on DevOps Engineering for free.

Last Updated • Apr 08, 2022