Q1/22 Launch Week Day 4: Webapp Developers Community
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Q1/22 Launch Week Day 4: Webapp Developers Community
Q1/22 Launch Week Day 4: Webapp Developers Community

On Day 4, we're inviting you to our Webapp Developer Slack Community!

What is the Webapp Developers Community?

A Slack community is curated for software developers working at startups like Stack Overflow, Shopify and Tesla.

Can I join?

Yup! If you're a software developer working at or on a startup, feel free to join the community here. We monitor the channels weekly to make sure members respect the code of content and so it continues to be a helpful place to ask questions.

What happens in the Community?

Our community is focused on roundtables (our previous roundtables featured ex-CTO npm, Stripe's Staff Software Engineer, etc), startup specific resources, weekly newsletters focused on the latest tech insights and more.

Examples of channels

#free-resources: Share webapp development resources that you've discovered!

#show-and-tell: Share something you made that you're proud of, to the community–ideally with a Gif!

#roundtables: Monthly roundtables exclusively for the community - bringing on special guests for topics on career dev, tech talks and war stories.

Events coming up

In May 2022 for #roundtables: we're hosting a core contributor of Node JS to lead a discussion on the open source community, and his unique experiences in "Nodeland"

In April - June 2022 for #meetups: we're hosting IRL meetups in Vancouver, San Francisco, LA and New York for community members. Come meet up for food + good conversations!

How to join

Come say hello! Head over to our developer community page to learn more, or join directly via Slack and introduce yourself.

Last Updated • Apr 08, 2022