Q1/22 Launch Week Day 3: a faster onboarding workflow
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Q1/22 Launch Week Day 3: a faster onboarding workflow
Q1/22 Launch Week Day 3: a faster onboarding workflow

This past quarter, webapp.io's cofounders Colin and Lyn have worked hard to improve how users onboard the platform.

Product release #3: improved new installation onboarding workflow

Access level: General Availability for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket
Quick pitch: E2E testing or preview environments created in 4 minutes or less
What's new: a 3-step onboarding that takes the whole code review workflow into account - from CI to E2E testing to preview environments and then back to your pull request.

Then vs. Now: how our product onboarding has changed

Hold on for some nostalgia time, product edition. Some of our early customers will remember what our onboarding looks like early days:

As you can see, we started the onboarding with an example for each technology we knew to be popular and we could create more support documentation for those technologies that got clicked on the most. Although that was good information, it wasn't as helpful as we expected. We were drawing inspiration from older CI tools that only focused on this, but the developer experience was not good enough.

We came to the realization that most of our users had a combination tech stack and cared more about their development workflows as a a whole. In addition, we wanted to make the platform more accessible by allowing our product to be used by experienced developers and new developers. So many of the best developer tools are great because of this high standard, and we wanted to hold ourselves to that bar.

We're excited to share our current iteration of onboarding a new user, and what that looks like. In the near term, we'd also like having more workflow use case templates for quicker installs.

You can watch a trailer of our new onboarding here or watch the full 4 minute demo below:

Try out the new onboarding flow in the product dashboard's "new installation" tab or sign up for free here. If you have direct feedback, feel free to reach out to Colin and Lyn at [email protected].

Last Updated • Apr 06, 2022