This is a post from our #RemoteLife series, where the team interviews tech employees and founders in various roles. This is a resource to share productivity tips and challenges of their roles during this adjustment period.

This interview features Tammy Taabassum, a freelance UX designer and front-end developer working from home on May 15, 2020.

What is your work stack like?

What does your at-home work space look like?

A picture of Tammy's workspace

What did your work day look like yesterday?

My day started with lots of meetings to define scope, user needs and direction of the product I'm working on. Once the needs were more or less scoped out, The rest of the day was spent doing heads down design work of Figma and user research.

How do you work remotely with your team?

Slack for async communication, Zoom for meetings, Miro, Figma & Notion for collaboration

As a UX designer + developer, what are the challenges of working remotely? Any advice for others?

I found that the hardest part of working remotely was keeping from going stir crazy. I found that my work and personal life started to blend where I was working well past my allocated hours. Every room in the house became a "work" place.

My advice would be to have a routine and take breaks when you need to. Also make sure to set a space *just* for working and all other spaces are not for work.

Would you want to work remotely in the future? Why or why not?

Yes! I think working remotely gave me a lot of my time back instead of commuting, I can spend the time doing other things! It has also made me healthier. No more take out for lunch - I have to make my own food now or eat what's in the fridge.