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Product Release #1: Environment Lifecycle Management

Access level: general availability

About The Feature

Environment Lifecycle Management is an update to preview environments led by webapp.io’s Growth Engineer, Joshua D'Souza. It provides you with the fastest possible time to deploy to production, giving you a seamless experience. You can prioritize a Layerfile run to save the snapshots for a persisted environment that you can share with stakeholders at any time!

Screenshot of a user prioritizing their snapshot in a click of a button.

Top Benefits of Environment Lifecycle Management

  1. Allows you to share runs with stakeholders
  2. Ability to test preview environments over multiple days

Thought Process:

"The idea is to save a snapshot of your environment so the stakeholders don't have to wait for your application to spin up and so that you can test your application over a certain period of time. So say you want to test your preview environment for a day or two days, or multiple days." - Joshua D'Souza

Challenge We Faced:

  • Determining the placement of the feature, so it's easily discoverable!

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