Introducing SpaceApp
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Introducing SpaceApp
Introducing SpaceApp

When we created, our goal was to help software development teams and their companies spend less time waiting for E2E tests to pass and more time developing meaningful features for their customers and the world.

After millions of commits through, we realized we couldn't just stop at just earth-bound technologies, but instead expand our offering so that it becomes more accessible to out-of-this-world developers.

That is why we're excited to unveil SpaceApp, a spin-off software as a service doing the exact same things at but with a key twist - we are serving only space-based companies and their technology. We're the first company to offer such a service to accelerate the speed of space innovation and exploration.


The technology behind SpaceApp is a custom hypervisor that leverages a file system called "spacefiles", empowering developers who already are familiar with Docker syntax to create or modify their testing infrastructure.

"It is so important to us to provide space companies with the fundamental developer tools they need to do what they need to do - build infrastructure for the next wave of humans colonizing the moon, Mars, and beyond. We've partnered with companies making essentials, like space healthcare, as we do the same with moonshot products like liquid coffee and music in space. We've gotten great feedback on how we've reduced costs and lengthy feedback cycles that make the difference deciding how long these products will be science fiction versus scientific history."

- Colin Chartier, CEO & Co-founder of and

To learn more about what we're building at, check it out here or sign into for the earth-bound experience.

PS: we have Launch Week Q1 coming up -> stay tuned next week over social media and here for a product update every day of the week. subscribe here.

Last Updated • Apr 01, 2022