Hello and welcome to another episode of webapp.io (formerly LayerCI) engineering talks.

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Lessons from startups to technical PM at Coinbase YouTube video

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0:00 Lyn intros guest Chetan and shares Welcome sponsorship message

0:30 Chetan talks about being a computer science + AI student at Stanford and how he met his cofounders

3:30 Chetan's startup team at Omni was an all technical team

4:23 Chetan talks about why he was drawn to product thinking as a software engineer

6:00 Chetan talks about his new role at Coinbase

8:05 Is there an advantage to being a technical PM? How does Chetan communicate effectively with developers?

10:14 How does Chetan stay up to date on latest trends as a PM or software developer?

12:00 Proof of stake vs. proof of work discussion, referenced this viral article briefly: https://webapp.io/blog/crypto-miners-are-killing-free-ci/

17:05 Any other cryptocurrency trends and applications to look out for and where can people learn more about this? Chetan provides reading recommendations 1

8:54 Chetan's postmortem on startups, being a founder, and his top suggestion on being a founding engineer/technical startup founder 20:51 Lyn wraps up with final thoughts

About this event:

Sponsored by Welcome event software and produced by webapp.io. In this fireside chat, hear from Chetan Rane on his journey from Stanford CS to founding a tech company Omni (acq. by Coinbase) to technical product management at Coinbase.

Topics covered:

1. Startup founder - what led you to become a startup founder and key lessons? As an all technical founding team with similar backgrounds, how did you delegate roles?

2. Being a good technical product manager - how do you stay on top of the industry and technical trends? How do you communicate effectively with developers and any advantages with being a developer first?

3. Cryptocurrency trend basics - blockchain technology overview, proof of work vs. proof of stake, interesting trends to look out for