Technical Writer Program

Do you enjoy learning and teaching new technologies? Are you interested in documenting technical insights? Join webapp.io’s Technical Writer Program to gain knowledge, get paid and be recognized as a rising star in our community.

Top Reasons to Join

Gain Knowledge

This is a unique opportunity to research useful technologies and level up your skills along the way.

Get paid for your insights

For every article that gets published on webapp.io’s blog, you get paid directly.

Be recognized

webapp.io will share your social profiles to promote your brand and content.

What is it like to be a webapp.io Technical Writer?

You get to be the first to know about core features, receive swag and develop an expert voice in educating technical insights to the broader developer community.

What can I write about?

Our technical articles focus on a variety of topics within web application development. At the moment, we’re looking for people to help us create content about:

WebApp Projects




How it works

Step 1

Submit form to apply to become a Technical Writer

Step 2

Submit a proposal and work alongside your editor to launch it to the community

Step 3

Once it is approved and published, get paid for your work


Where are you accepting technical experts from?

Worldwide. As long as you can write and communicate in the English language.

What background are you looking for in a Technical Writer?

We’re looking for someone who is a full stack developer who enjoys writing interesting educational content.

What language can I write in?

Currently, we are accepting English submissions only.

How much do I get paid?

Our compensation for content contribution is as follows:

Articles 500 - 1000 words $100 USD

Tutorials 500 - 1500 words $150 USD

Videos $200 USD

Where can I publish my work?

It must be an original piece of work that is contributed to the webapp.io blog and/or the webapp.io documentation site.

What rights does webapp.io claim over the blog post?

Webapp.io claims the blog post as our own upon publication. 30 days after publishing, you can publish your work elsewhere so long as you have a canonical link that points to the original webapp.io article.

How many contributions can I make per month?

There is no limit, so long as it gets published and follows our content guidelines you will be paid for your work.

Ready to get started?