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Ruby on Rails Example for

#This is an example configuration for rails!
FROM vm/rails:2.7.1

# To note: Layerfiles create entire VMs, *not* containers!

# Install postgresql and run it in the background
RUN apt-get update && \
    apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib libpq-dev

RUN gem install pg

ENV RAILS_ENV=development

RUN sudo -u postgres createuser -s -i -d -r -l -w root
RUN sudo -u postgres -H -- psql -t -c "CREATE DATABASE mydb;"
RUN sudo -u postgres -H -- psql -c "ALTER ROLE root WITH PASSWORD 'password';"

# Copy your rails app into the runner
COPY . .

# set up database
RUN echo -e 'development:\n\
  adapter: postgresql\n\
  encoder: unicode\n\
  database: mydb\n\
  username: root\n\
  password: password\n' > config/database.yml

# run migrations
RUN bundle install
RUN bundle exec rake db:migrate
RUN bundle exec rake db:setup

# Start the server
RUN BACKGROUND rails server --binding
EXPOSE WEBSITE localhost:3000
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