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webapp.io Academy

Welcome to the webapp.io Academy. Here you'll find tutorials on various topics including DevOps, system design, and software engineering.

What is DevOps in the context of software engineering? Find out in these animated lessons with webapp.io's CEO, Colin Chartier. The goal of this course is for software engineers and DevOps practitioners to go towards a DevOps engineering role with confidence.

We'll also be talking about "DevOps" broadly in the introduction, but beyond that, we'll be focusing on the engineering side of things.

The course outline includes three units that make up the three pillars of DevOps Engineering:

Unit 1: Code Review Automation (Lesson 1-6)

Unit 2: Deployment Strategies (Lesson 7-11)

Unit 3: Application Performance Management (Lesson 12-13)

This course often references the MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS) technology stack.

Course Notes:

Last Updated • Mar 11, 2021